EL YAQUE : How To Get To Kiters and Windsurfers Hot Spot

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El Yaque is a small fishermen village on the island Isla Margarita in Venezuela that has the best wind on earth for surfers and kiters in wintertime (December-April).

The political mess in Venezuela has caused airlines to stop direct international (charter) flights to Isla Margarita.

But you can still go there, by it just takes some extra effort. The rewards are: strong winds every day, sunshine, friendly people and low cost accomodation and food!

How To Get To El Yaque

First you have to fly to Caracas.

From Europe, your options for direct flights to Caracas are: Frankfurt, Madrid and Paris.
From Caracas Airport (CCS) you connect to Porlamar (PMV) on Isla Margarita.



Board Rental

Club Natalie Simon has a range of good boards and sails, in good condition. The guy in charge is Xavier and a very nice dude!


Venturi Travel

Venturi Travel is Paula Young who lives in the surfer's paradise, she will book Caracas - Porlamar flight and back for you. Sometimes she has a good price on your transatlantic leg too. Do tip her generously as she is too modest in her fees! info@venturitravel.com


Where To Stay

Hotels and Bed&Breakfasts galore in El Yaque. Just check Tripadvisor.com and AirBNB.com. All-time favourites are: Hotel Atti, Hotel California, StevieWonderland, Casa Nora, Posada Margarita. Some provide breakfast, others don't. Beach front hotels: Jump 'n Gybe, Surfer's Paradise and more

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Bring good-ol' US Dollars with you. Do not expect your credit or debit cards to work. The

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Eating Out

Restaurants a plenty in El Yaque, no use trying to keep and up to date list here. If you travel alone, a good olace to start is "Sharks", as all surfers and world travelers tend to end upo there. Its one of the least expensive palces, right on the beach. Relatively fancy dining in the restaurant of Hotel California and "Jean Luc's" (Chicken-chocolate on the menu!)


When To Go

The best months are December till and included April. Most popular months tend to be Februari & March. Avoid the Semana Santa week, as the beach and sea are cramped with Venezuelan party-goers and watersport is nearly impossible. Google for it to be sure when this party is held. (Of course if you want to join the party and not surf, you may include this week in your itenerary :-).

Where To Stay


$ $ $ $


Bring good-ol' US Dollars with you. Do not expect your credit or debit cards to work.

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